The distinguishing mark of fashion today is attention to detail. Buckles, rings, chains, zips, hinges, trinkets: these are the accessories that give character to leather goods, like belts, bags and shoes.

De Carli Giancarlo is a company with over ten years of experience in the production and sale of accessories for leather goods.

Founded in 1972, the company has grown together with successful Italian craftsmen, producing for important brands and exporting abroad. Our company know-how enables us to work effectively alongside our customers to help them create successful products.

De Carli metallic accessories give character to bags, belts and shoes. The design of the fashion accessories is planned to respond to our partners’ requirements; they can be produced on the basis of drawings or in cooperation.

Quality control is carried out by people with years of experience in creating fashion accessories for leather goods.

Delivery is fast and dependable. De Carli Giancarlo has acquired the flexibility not only to ship large quantities for wholesale but also to supply small craftsmen directly.

Thanks to its history and acquired experience, De Carli Giancarlo creates elegantly styled articles and accessories for contemporary fashion which are competitive on the global market.


De Carli Giancarlo Staff